Quite simply this is the best mountaineering challenge in the UK. You'll need a good combination of fitness and scrambling ability to complete two demanding days and an overnight bivouac on the ridge. Travelling along the airy ridge sections; scrambling up and down above big drops; tackling the crux sections, such as King's Chimney and Naismith's route; coping with the physical and mental demands -  all these challenges mean that everyone who completes the ridge will have an achievement to be proud of!



The difficulty of the ridge and complexity of route-finding makes the use of a guide a good idea, especially if you're short on time or knowledge. However, there are no substitutes for fitness, good weather and previous mountain experience. Train as hard as you can (running is best for those who do not live by mountains); go scrambling on routes like the Aonach Eagach and Liathach; make sure that you are comfortable on mountains. Finally, you need to be lucky with the weather. In practice, this means that the longer you can spend on Skye the better as the odds of catching a suitable weather window will improve.


5 Day Traverse Course:

The ideal strategy is to book a 5 day course so that we have the best chance of a weather window. The spare 3 days will be taken up with a preparation day and your choice of climbing and/or mountaineering.


3 Day Traverse Course:

Weather permitting, we will spend an exciting first day at the sea-cliffs, practicing ropework, climbing, sorting out gear and getting to know each other. The ridge traverse will take place over the next 2 days.



The start of May to the end of September is the best time of year. Please enquire if you have other dates in mind.



Book a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 5 for the best possibility of a weather window. Normal guiding prices, £210 per person per day and £32 for each extra person will apply, plus £52 per person for the traverse attempt itself.


To arrange your Ridge Traverse, please go to our Enquiry Form.


Telephone 07785 962391 or 07818 884609