What equipment do you need?

Walking boots

These must preferably have a rigid sole. If you can fold your boots in half with your hands then they are too floppy and you will find balancing on rock difficult.

Waterproof Jacket

Should be tough, breathable and have a hood.

Waterproof trousers

Should be lightweight and go on without removing boots.


Keep your hands warm and protected from the gabbro.


Keep your head warm.

Warm clothing

Please pack at least one spare fleece as well as your normal clothing - it can be cold at 3000 feet and we will often be moving more slowly than you would on a normal hill day.

Packed lunch

Please bring sandwiches and high-energy snacks that you can eat during short breaks. A thermos can be nice on a cold day.

Water bottle

To stay hydrated.

Personal first aid kit

e.g. plasters and painkillers in case of blisters etc.


To keep everything in.


A helmet, harness, belay devices, carabiners, ropes and any other technical climbing equipment are all provided. We also have a good selection of technical climbing shoes.

Rucksacks, hats, gloves and other items can be provided on request.


Your guide will be carrying the following equipment:

Map - We recommend the Harveys Cuillin map.

Sun block - Contrary to popular belief, it does sometimes get sunny on Skye.

Compass - Although iron in the Gabbro can make bearings unreliable.

Head Torch - Illumination after a long day.

Mobile Phone - For taking snaps, updating facebook and for use in emergency!

First Aid Kit - Pills, plasters, bandages for emergency use.

Whistle - For signaling for help.

Group Shelter - For staying warm in emergency and shelter for lunch.

Survival Bag - For getting into to stay warm.







What equipment do you need?


Swimming stuff

A swimsuit and towel are essential.

Protective gear

If you have an old pair of shorts and trainers that you don't mind getting wet, then please bring them along.


A snack and a thermos of something hot for after the session is also a good idea.


You will be provided with a cosy 5mm wetsuit; neoprene booties, beanies and gloves, a pair of shorts to protect the wetsuit, an old pair of trainers, a buoyancy aid and a helmet.



Your guide will be carrying the following equipment:

Group shelter

First aid kit


A throw line

A float


Telephone 07785 962391 or 07818 884609